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Mary Valdez

Sheridan Wyoming’s TOP SELLING Residential Real Estate Agent in Sheridan County since 2001, meeting the needs of home buyers in the Sheridan Communi...

Sheridan Wyoming’s TOP SELLING Residential Real Estate Agent in Sheridan County since 2001, meeting the needs of home buyers in the Sheridan Communi...

Feb 21 6 minutes read

Real estate as an investment doesn’t depreciate. Improving the property improves the investment. Custom building can take months. Adverse weather and seasons will prolong the building. Don’t have that kind of time? Want your dream home right now? Here’s an idea what to put on your new lot almost immediately.

Modular building has been around since the dawn of the 20th century, but much of the home building population still doesn’t know much about them. For those who are unaware, here are some benefits of modular building.

First, Here is What Modular Homes are Not

Modular homes would probably sound more attractive to the uneducated home builder if they were called something else. A lot of people read those words and see a mobile home in their minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Another misconception of modular homes is that they are cheaply thrown together from scraps and end pieces. Not so.

Benefit: Modular homes are constructed in a quality controlled climate controlled factory setting under the strictest of HUD guidelines and standards. This means the home is constructed out of inclement weather and away from pests and animals crawling over the construction. It means that adverse weather conditions won’t cause mold and mildew in the building materials. The building materials are stored in the warehouse, and they are of the highest quality. Nearly double the lumber goes into a modular home than does its stick-built brothers.

For the Green Builder

Those building a home to the greenest of standards should know that modular homes are built to such standards. Modular homes often use recycled materials. They are constructed to be energy efficient, use less water and produce less waste. Many modular homes use renewable energy sources such as solar technology.

Benefit: A home energy audit is usually done in the planning stages of modular home construction. This tells the home builder how much energy is used in the home. Systems such as thermal heating and cooling, whole-house water saving technology and indoor air quality technology can be planned at this stage of building for a truly green carbon footprint.

For the Time Constrained

Nothing is more frustrating than renting a house or apartment or staying in a hotel until your house is move-in ready. Storing furnishings and belongings is a further drain on the finances. Add to that the cost of dining out if you stay in a hotel or paying the utilities and groceries in a rented house or apartment. Home builders in these circumstances should know that modular homes are generally built in less time than their stick-built brothers. All the work is done in the factory by professionals who work there year-round. Inspections occur in the factory, further speeding production.

Benefit: Instead of taking weeks to finish due to weather constraints and subcontractors who don’t show up for work, modular homes are finished within hours or at most a few days of delivery to the home site. All they have to do is join the pieces together and voila! you get the keys.

For Those Who Want Custom Homes

Are you seeking to build a house with five bedrooms, four and one-half baths, a media room, second kitchen or butler’s pantry, a game room in addition to the usual living and dining rooms? How about a Cape Cod with three bedrooms, three baths and a breakfast nook? Does the plantation house style suit you or perhaps a Tudor or Federal? Using computer aided design, modular home builders will build a house to your specifications. Want bay windows or perhaps oriels? How about floor to ceiling arched windows in the great room? Perhaps a star-shaped or oval window in the hallway would aid in night-time navigation for kids who need to find the bathroom in the dark.

Benefit: If you want quartz counter tops, custom cabinetry, custom tubs and showers in the bathrooms, hardwood floors, bamboo floors, moldings, chair rails on the walls, and the list goes on, all you have to do is say it. Modular home builders welcome clients with ideas, drawings, cut out pictures and computer-generated floor plans. It gives them a better chance to build a home for you that will shine.

Resale Value of Modular Homes

If home builders check out real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia, they’ll find the jury is still out on the resale value of modular homes. However, let’s take a look at what constitutes resale value:

  • Does the home contain the latest technology for security and home automation?
  • Does the home contain energy efficient windows and doors?
    Upgraded lighting package?
  • Spa or otherwise luxuriant bathrooms?
  • The latest in kitchen chic: counter tops, cabinetry, lighting and appliance package?

That’s just the house. Add to the list the proximity of good schools, major thoroughfares for getting to work, shopping and entertainment and the lack of crime in the neighborhood.

Benefit: Let’s deal with the list above. If the original builder of the modular home included a home automation and security package into the building, then we can check off the first item. Since energy efficiency is of paramount importance to any builder including modular builders, then we can check off the second item. If the original builder of the modular home included spa bathrooms, lighting upgrades and a slammin’ kitchen, then we can check off the whole list. The result is assured resale value.

Your new property needn’t sit vacant until the weather improves or a contractor can be located. This is just one idea of how your property can be improved. We have lots more ideas and will enjoy talking about it when you contact us for more information.

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